PCG Featured as a Member of AAFA, the national affiliation of local, boutique accounting recruitment firms

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PCG was featured in a blog post by AAFA. You can find the post here. The content is below.

In the world of finance and accounting, a partner that can not only navigate the complex landscape of talent acquisition but also be reliable, able to build, maintain and sustain long-term relationships, and make a difference in the lives of its clients, may seem like a dream.

But that’s where The Personnel Consulting Group (PCG) comes in. With a rich history dating back to 1969, PCG has established itself as a trusted company providing top-notch recruitment services across various industries, operating on the values of said relationships, along with high-touch service and a deep commitment to community involvement. 

In this third edition of Get to Know Our Affiliates, we delve into the story of the New Orleans based PCG and explore why its highly regarded industry position is more than well-deserved. 

A Legacy of Success and Continuity

Founded in 1969, PCG’s journey began as a franchise of a data systems recruiting agency. After creating several new divisions within the company, including Accounting Personnel Consultants, Engineering Personnel Consultants and STAT Resources, each was combined under one umbrella in 2000 as the Personnel Consulting Group we know today. Having led the organization for the last four decades, Frank Loria retired in December 2022 paving the way for Jim Schneider of the Accounting Recruitment Division along with Michael Hecker and Toby Toups of the Engineering Recruitment Divisions to acquire the company. This transition marked a new chapter in the historic company’s history, bringing fresh perspectives while honoring its long-standing legacy.  

Diverse Expertise. Comprehensive Service.

Boasting dedicated recruiters that are each experts in their respective industries — including accounting and finance, engineering, clerical, human resources, construction and technology — this wide-ranging portfolio enables PCG to effectively become problem solvers for clients and candidates. Clients appreciate PCG’s meticulous and caring approach to their searches, ensuring a thorough understanding of their requirements to identify the best-fit candidates. 

A Relationship-Driven Approach

At PCG, relationships through high-touch, highly personal recruiting services are at the core of everything they do. The firm’s values, rooted in faith and ethical principles, emphasize the importance of building meaningful connections. The majority of PCG’s business is focused on direct hire placements, although PCG also offers robust contract and contract-to-hire services.  

PCG’s commitment to being actively involved in the community sets it apart. PCG engages with students and colleges, sharing expertise and insights to help nurture the next generation of professionals. The firm’s recruiters are active in about a dozen trade groups, nonprofits, and educational initiatives spanning south Louisiana serving as general volunteers to board presidents. 

A Culture of Care and Giving Back

The work environment at PCG is characterized by a strong sense of family and camaraderie. The firm organizes a weekly breakfast staff meeting and an annual client open house to foster close relationships, enabling its team to truly understand client needs and aspirations while working well as a unit. The PCG team also takes great pride in their collective efforts to give back to the community through volunteering and serving those less fortunate. Passionate about supporting local organizations and causes, they ensure their impact extends beyond the confines of business operations. 

Embracing the Next Generation

With a team consisting of 13 dedicated professionals, PCG recognizes the importance of cultivating the next generation of talent. The firm’s 10 team members that focus on recruitment fall into three general levels of experience: 

  • PCG currently has three team members with over 30 years at the firm. Having this foundation provides unparalleled institutional knowledge and consistency of relationships. 
  • PCG has four team members between six years to two decades of experience. These mature organizational leaders are steering the team forward while maintaining the vital aspects of the firm’s long standing culture. 
  • The firm has an emerging team of five professionals with under two years of recruitment experience. These professionals provide energy, have an unbelievable desire to network and make an impact for clients & candidates, and are excited to create their own success stories on the foundation of the firm’s decades of experience. These team members will be walking alongside our clients & candidates over the coming decades.

Such longevity speaks volumes about PCG’s innate ability to cultivate and maintain enduring relationships, both with clients and within the team itself — a deliberate approach ensuring a seamless transfer of knowledge and expertise that enables PCG to provide the best service to its clients.  

The Future Ahead

As PCG finds itself a few years into its next half-century, the firm’s leadership plans to expand into under-recruited markets within the region while staying true to the team’s passions: helping clients and candidates fulfill their potential and bettering the communities they serve. The team aims to inspire and motivate the next generation of recruiters to continue PCG’s legacy of long-term relationships and bringing together great companies and people. 

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