Advantages of Working With a Recruiter on Your Job Search


When you find yourself on the job search, you may be bracing for hours of tedious scrolling through online listings not knowing anything about the reality behind that posting. When it comes to making the next step in your career, making the right step is important. This ensures you are satisfied with your new salary and responsibilities while avoiding regrets or frequent job changes that deteriorate your resume. Navigating the job market, especially today, can be overwhelming and confusing, and not to mention, time consuming. Working with a recruiter can help you to navigate the job market efficiently and help finding your next right career opportunity a little bit easier!


Exclusive Access to Job Opportunities

Of all the jobs available on the market, how many are actually posted online? Less than you would think. There’s a large portion of open positions that are handled behind the scenes and can only be found through a recruiter. If you want to maximize your chances for finding the right job, a recruiter provides the access you need to the jobs that don’t get posted online. Often times my clients trust me to keep my ear open for when someone would be a good fit for them, even if they aren’t actively searching. When we connect, it may click that you are perfect for a certain organization of mine. That’s a huge value add I work to deliver for my network.


Subject Matter Experts

Many recruiters specialize in recruiting for specific industries. This means all day long they are talking to professionals in a specific industry and learning all about market and industry trends. I’m an IT recruiter. It’s my job to know all about what roles developers, analysts, programmers, help desk professionals fit for. By talking through expectations for your next career move with a subject matter expert, you hear their insights on competitive salaries, types of opportunities currently available, and determining if a given role will set you up for your long-range ultimate career objectives.


Recruiters Know the Good Companies from the Bad Companies

When getting a job through a recruiter, you won’t be walking into a bad work environment unknowingly. It’s part of a recruiter’s job to learn about the culture of companies and steer their candidates away from incompatible matches. If a company has experienced atypical turnover in a given role, an adept recruiter will challenge the company to make improvements and provide assurance that the next hire will have the resources needed to have success, or at the least make their candidates aware of the history of the role.


Career Partners

You don’t need to be looking for a new job to engage a recruiter. Building a relationship with a recruiter at any point is a great way to network and let them know your experience and interests in case exciting opportunities pop up they could keep you in mind for. Some of the most successful job changes occur when a recruiter presents an opportunity to a professional that didn’t even know they wanted to hear about it. Being open to opportunities when you aren’t in a rush to hit the exits will also provide you leverage as a candidate to make sure a change is an upgrade for you in the areas that matter most to YOU.


Streamlined Communication

Transparency about the role, interview prep, feedback during the process, and keeping the process moving when it gets bogged down: these are all benefits of engaging a recruiter. Sitting around wondering when you are going to hear something back from a company you interviewed with is not a situation anyone wants to be in. We help smooth out the interviewing process and get answers to your questions. Recruiters will want to get feedback for you if things don’t work out, let you know why you aren’t hearing back from a company, and voice your expectations around some of the more uncomfortable conversation topics early on in the process to avoid wasting the time of the hiring company and the candidate.


It’s That Easy!

Give us a call. Shoot us an email. Send us a LinkedIn message or connection request. We’d love to communicate with you as much or as little as you’d like and keep you aware of roles that check your boxes. We love building companies and careers. We do this because we are passionate about walking alongside professionals just like you and sharing in your success and challenges.


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