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ETL Developer (heavy Python)


Position Overview:

We are seeking an experienced ETL Developer with 3-5 years of experience in SQL and Python. This position will be part of a team responsible for transforming the Office of Public Health’s data infrastructure to improve data integration, enhance interoperability, assure effective data governance, and support the development of reporting and visualizations. This position supports modernization efforts to 1) improve timeliness and quality of data, 2) better coordinate data activities and systems, 3) reduce data burden, and 4) integrate emerging and open-source technologies where possible.


·        Design, develop, and implement ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines using Python to efficiently move data between various sources and destinations.

·        Develop Python scripts and modules for complex data transformations and orchestration

·        Develop and maintain automated data pipelines using DevOps principles and tools with a focus on performance, scalability, and reliability

·        Monitor and troubleshoot data pipelines, and identify and resolve issues

·        Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather and analyze data requirements, identify data quality issues, and translate them into technical specifications

·        Implement data quality checks and data validation at various stages of the ETL process

·        Document data pipelines, transformations, and processes for maintainability and knowledge sharing

·        Collaborate with data architects to design and implement scalable and secure data storage solutions, including data warehouses and data lakes.

·        Implement data security best practices to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

·        Automate data tasks and processes to improve efficiency and reduce manual errors.         

·        Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in data engineering and security.


 Mandatory Requirements:

·        Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a technology discipline related.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a Backend Data Engineer, Data Integration Engineer or ETL Developer.

·        Experience with Python and related data engineering libraries (e.g., pandas, NumPy, Spark).

·        Experience with data pipelines and DevOps principles and tools (e.g., Git, CI/CD pipelines).

·        Experience working in an Agile development environment.

·        Experience with data security best practices and technologies (e.g., access control, encryption).

·        Experience working in an Agile development environment.

·        Experience with health data sets, healthcare claims, CDC data, and working with PHI.


Expertise and/or relevant experience in the following areas are desirable but not mandatory:


·        Experience with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP).

·        Experience with containerization technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes).

·        Experience with data quality tools and methodologies.

·        Strong proficiency in SQL, with experience in writing complex queries and stored procedures

·        Hands-on experience with data warehousing concepts and technologies

·        Familiarity with ETL tools and frameworks

·        Understanding of data modeling techniques and best practices


  • Competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package including 401k, 401k matching, health, dental, and vision insurance, and PTO.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.
  • Flexible work arrangements and a supportive work-life balance.
  • Dynamic and inclusive company culture with team-building activities and events.



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