Breaking the Cycle

Have you ever come across an organization that simply cannot retain accountants? Some companies struggle with retention. They hire and then 6 months later they rehire, then 4 months later they rehire again. On and on it goes. Once the cycle completes a few times, the organization gets a reputation which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: good…

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CPA Exam Strategy: Part 1 of 3.

This is the first of a 3 part series with some brief, specific strategies of folks who have passed the CPA exam. My story is up first; I hope it helps! Personally I didn’t have a ton of confidence in my accounting test taking. My grades were never the best, and I usually relied on…

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Advantages of Working With a Recruiter on Your Job Search

When you find yourself on the job search, you may be bracing for hours of tedious scrolling through online listings not knowing anything about the reality behind that posting. When it comes to making the next step in your career, making the right step is important. This ensures you are satisfied with your new salary and responsibilities…

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The Cost Of An Unfilled Position

empty accounting desk

Just how much do you think it’s costing you and your company to have that empty chair in your office unfilled? Think that it’s really not costing you anything, that in fact you are saving money, have a little more room to spread out a bit more paper, one less mouth to feed, no benefits…

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The Art of Resume Writing

When writing your resume, it is especially important that you concentrate on the highlights of your experience. Prospective employers are looking for what you have done for other companiesthat can be incorporated into their business. Your resume is your way in the door to obtaining aninterview. How to layout your resume: Section 1: Contact informationYour…

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How Often Should You Update Your Resume?


This is a question that has been debated for thousands of years. In fact, history shows that Socrates debated this in ancient Greece and faced much opposition for his views. Jokes aside,  I recommend everyone update their resume every 3 months preferably, 6 months if you can’t keep up with it quarterly, or at the…

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